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BEER Coin The Future of Beer

BEER Coin The Future of Beer

BEER Coin The Future of Beer

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BEER Coin is available pre-launch with bonuses up to ICO date March 15, 2019. BEER Coin will be used to:


:Expand existing brewery to dominate growing craft beer market in S. Europe.

:Purchase shares in other breweries (Brewery Consortium) for joint brewing etc.

:Offer as prizes on purchases of Brewery Consortium beers.



     BEER Coin convertible to real GROWING tangible assets

Invest in a real cryptocurrency and a real brewery.

Algarve Rock Brewery, the biggest and fastest growing craft brewery in the Iberian Peninsula recenty won BEST STOUT at the prestigious Cervezada Internaçional Trujillo 2018.

BEER Coin will be convertible to  currencies AND shares in the Brewery

BEER Coin prizes will increase sales of Brewery Consortium members

BEER Coin prizes will stimulate trade in the cryptocurrency


The value of BEER is linked to the growing value of Brewery Consortium


Our Gallery


Our Location


9:00 am - 5:00 pm



ICO Date


March 15, 2019


ICO filed with SEC under reg 504(b)(1)

Fully compliant with AML procedures.

Brewery Consortium Coin - BEER

Graduate in Physics and Law with a professional career in science and management, Gary has been involved in the development and patenting of various types of production equipment.


In 1982, aged 24, Gary patented a method of gas separation before forming Nitrox Ltd to develop a range of nitrogen gas generators, building the company for 18 years before a successful trade sale. The company won Queens’ Awards for Export and for Technology. The Nitrox nitrogen gas generator was exhibited at the Millennium Dome in 2000 as one of the top 100 British inventions of the 20th century.


Between 1999 and 2010, Gary founded and developed, the first independent financial comparison website, which was a significant success up until the 2008 economic crisis. Between 2010 and 2016, Gary created a company providing mobile applications for real estate agents, with offices in London, Paris and New York, which was subsequently absorbed by the US Association of Realtors.


More recently, Gary introduced agenda management software operated by a New Zealand multinational entitled Timely ( into the UK marketplace.


An entrepreneur by nature, with a track record of successfully building and selling businesses, Gary invested in real estate in the Algarve in 2007 and settled in the region in 2015 before building and developing Algarve Rock Brewery.


Gary Hosmer - Founder

Business & Marketing graduate joined Gary Hosmer to build the mobile app business in New York before managing the Timely project in the UK and building the business to be dominant within 5 years. A proven track record in sales and an innovative marketer, Neil now manages all rapidly expanding sales & marketing activities of Algarve Rock brewery including Brewpubs and joint Brewery Consortium partner ventures.

Neil Conchie - CoFounder


Former Head Brewery Engineer at Carlsberg (UNICER/Super Bock) responsible for managing the building and operation of two startup drink companies; REFRIANGO soft drinks in Nigeria and SODIBA brewery in Angola from greenfield to fully function 1.5m HL beer output per annum. Responsible for designing, erecting and commissioning the brewery plus recruiting and training the team to operate and maintain the brewery.

António Manual Vilarinho Rocha - Consultant Engineer

After training at Carlsberg, Ekaterina rose to Brew House Manager of Heineken SCCB, Portugal before being Head Brewer at breweries REFRIANGO and SODIBA in Angola. Ekaterina was responsible for launching the Heineken/Sagres beer brand in Angola including new brand LUANDINA while developing a team of 25 brewers and support staff to maintain production control of raw materials, brew house, fermentation and filtration.

António & Ekaterina are a husband and wife team, well known in the brewing industry with a proven track record of operating large breweries and developing small ‘craft’ breweries from start up through to market domination and success.

Ekaterina Demianova - Consultant Brewer

Simon Wells has a professional career directly related to production within the brewing industry:

Simon advises on the design of Algarve Rock current and proposed brewery systems.


Simon Wells - Brewery Engineer

A BrewMaster in UK and USA and is involved in several projects related to the development of micro-breweries, as well as being a training provider for various specialized agencies:





Mike provides an important competitive advantage for Algarve Rock Brewery in creating award winning beers as witnessed by their success with first place on first entry into Cervezada Internaçional Trujillo before a blind tasting panel of BJCP trained judges.


Mike Hitchen - Master Brewer

Entrepreneur, Blockchain enthusiast, Co-Founder in multiple companies and sectors - Games, Mobile Tech, SaaS, with over 25 years track record working in the software industry.  He has worked as executive management, product developer, coder, and for the last 10 years, as CEO for a company. With Brewery Consortium Scott will be utilizing his experience in online product development, team building, product and business development, implementation and production of web apps.

Scott Kirk - Technical & Blockchain

James has obtained a distinction Masters in business law and is a New York licensed lawyer and legal technology professional with a passion for disruptive technologies and innovation. Starting off his career working for Linklaters and ICAP Plc in anti-money laundering and compliance, James now advises Fintech, technology and other innovative start-ups and small businesses on all matters relating to deal making, regulation and risk. James got 'hooked' on blockchain and related technologies when he realised Bitcoin presents an attempt at solving the 'power corrupts' problem, and received continuously more exposure not least through his legal work - he has become totally committed to increasing the bitcoin and cryptocurrency eco-system.

James Ovuike - Legal

Parq Vale da Venda


Algarve, Faro

Portugal, Europe



Phil has spent his career in the Coatings Industry in senior management roles at some of the leading companies and for over twenty years the major shareholder and CEO of the Spencer Coating Group which he helped to build through acquisitions and organic growth to be the largest independent U.K. coatings manufacturer before selling to industry giant, NYSE listed Axalta Coating Systems.


As well as providing financing, Phil was able to bring his considerable business experience, particularly in business development, product development and mergers and acquisitions.


Phil Buck - Sunnybarn Investments

Phil Buck - Sunnybarn Investments

Phil Buck - Sunnybarn Investments

Andrey specialises in ICO marketing and community develpment. His experience in corporate management is evident in his approach to marketing, with strong research, analytics and strategizing skills, he is passionate about maintaining reputation and achieving results. Andrey has been in ICO marketing for over 3 years, working on projects such as DragonChain, Morpheus Network, ThinkCoin and many others.

Andrey Romanov - Marketing Specialist